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DNC Leadanswer- Call Verified Mortgage Leads POLICY
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Lead Answer has contracted with the Federal and State agencies to assure it is abiding by all the compliance procedures and protocol required by law.

As one of the mortgage marketing leaders providing reliable data to several sectors of the financial industry, we utilize state, federal, and internal or client-specific list management and scrubbing capabilities, as well as a policy wizard to create and fulfill our Do-Not-Call policy to consumers, and thorough documentation as well as archiving and reporting tools.

As an active and proficient marketing company we are responsible for complying with state and federal laws and have developed, enforced and documented our compliance efforts. As a regulation set forth by the federal Do-Not-Call laws, we are required to demonstrate that we perform the following as part of our routine business practices:

Establish and implement written procedures to comply with Do-Not-Call laws.

Train our personnel in these procedures.

We maintain a company-specific Do-Not-Call list.

Scrub our calling lists against the national Do-Not-Call registry on the frequency required by federal law.

Monitor and enforce compliance with our procedures.


As a result of our pro-active compliance measures, we seek a safe harbor defense to a violation if the violation is the result of technical or human error.

We have implemented a 2-step process for ensuring our compliance with these laws. The 2 step process involves pre-dialing compliance as well as pre-transfer verification.

Pre-dialing measures: All data is uploaded to our central database by the call center staff for de-duping and scrubbing procedures prior to dialing. Our automated system submits the data to DNC scrubbing software which ensures all numbers are scrubbed against the appropriate Federal, State and Internal DNC lists.

Our systems maintain the strictest of compliance procedures including tracking when numbers were checked and provides reports validating scrubbing compliance.

Pre-Transfer measures:  As the telemarketing agent inputs the prospect's information in our website, we re-submit the phone number field through the DNC scrubbing software to ensure that the prospect is absolutely not on the DNC.

This process also allows our customers to provide their own "internal" do not call list, so that we can remove any customers that have requested not to be called.

Our DNC Policy Statement

Consumers may request, by telephone or in writing, that our company stop calling them and place their name on a "Do Not Call" list. Although we may ask for your name, address and telephone number, we will accept your request even if you only provide your telephone number. You have a right to have calls stopped and to be put on our "Do Not Call" list even if you are still a customer.

When we receive your request, your telephone number is added to our "Do Not Call" list within 5 business days. In some cases it may take up to 10 business days for your telephone number to be removed from other company wide calling lists. Your request will stay on our list for at least 5 years. If you move, change your telephone number, or add an additional telephone number, you must provide us with the new telephone number in order for us to prevent calls to that number. We will not share the information you provide with anyone except affiliated companies or subsidiaries without your prior written permission.

We may perform telemarketing services for other companies. In this case, we will also forward our updated "Do Not Call" list(s) to these companies on a periodic basis, unless the client requests otherwise or refuses to accept these updates from us.

All employees that engage in outbound telephone marketing are trained in this policy and made aware of these procedures before they are allowed to place calls to consumers. Managers, supervisors, or trainers review the policy with these employees monthly.

If the consumer notifies us that they have received a telephone call from us after they have already requested to be placed on our "Do Not Call" list, we will apologize for the intrusion and have a manager or supervisor investigate. The manager or supervisor will also personally confirm that the telephone number is on the "Do Not Call" list. Upon request, we will mail the consumer a confirmation that their telephone number is on the list.

The Federal Trade Commission offers a free service to consumers that allows them to place their residential phone number on a National Do Not Call Registry. This service will reduce the number of telemarketing calls received. Consumers may add their residential phone number to the list either by calling 888-382-1222 or through the Internet at www.donotcall.gov. It may take several weeks before you notice a reduction in calls.

The methods and procedures in this "Do Not Call" policy are reviewed by Compliance Managers annually.


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